As the CAC 2024 came to a close, a pivotal moment for the industry was just beginning. Hanfei, representing ZXCHEM, stepped into the spotlight as the manufacturing facility for collagen and bio-stimulants under the ZXCHEM group. This year’s CAC provided Hanfei with a platform to showcase its commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility, marking a significant milestone for Hanfei.

01/  Navigating the CAC: A Deep Dive into Event Highlights

At the heart of the agricultural sector’s premier event, the CAC exhibition, our booth, 81D10, stood out in a field of innovation and collaboration. Surrounded by a multitude of companies, the lively atmosphere was a testament to the event’s significance in the agricultural industry. Our presence not only captivated attendees but also highlighted our commitment to advancing agricultural practices.

02/  Amino Acids Unveiled: What We Brought to CAC

At this CAC exhibition, we prominently featured two amino acid hormone product lines: the Pepaid EA series (enzymatic) and the Pepaid HA series (hydrolyzed).

The Pepaid EA series employs a precise enzymatic process that results in a product rich in peptide chains, while the Pepaid HA series utilizes an efficient hydrolysis process to ensure a higher content of free amino acids. These distinct processing technologies allow our products to meet the nutritional needs of crops at different stages of growth, offering more specialized plant nutrition solutions.

03/  Conversations and Connections: Sharing Insights with Clients

During the exhibition, our booth was always crowded. We had the opportunity to communicate face-to-face with customers from all over the world, sharing our product knowledge and application experiences. Many customers showed a keen interest in our products and looked forward to future cooperation.

As we delved into discussions about our product range, our goal was to impart comprehensive knowledge about our amino acid hormone products. Our exhibition team, possessing a wealth of expertise, enthusiastically shared insights and practical experiences, highlighting the real-world impact and transformative potential of our products. This open exchange allowed us not only to provide rich information to the attendees but also to learn from them, adapting our approach to better meet their expectations and requirements.

04/  Looking Forward: Anticipations for the Next Gathering

With the market’s increasing focus on environmental protection and sustainable development, amino acid products, as a green plant protection solution, have a broad market prospect. We look forward to continuing to showcase the latest developments and scientific research achievements of our products at future exhibitions.